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What’s Made Safe? Amy Ziff Explains

made safe product labelWhat an honor! I grabbed Amy Ziff in the press room of Expo West for this quick interview about her brand-new endeavor, Made Safe. The organization’s goal is to “ensure that goods are made entirely from ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health harm as determined by scientifically recognized lists from around the world.” Pretty cool, right? Because we all know that what’s listed on–or left off of–a product label doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story about the ingredients that are in it. Made Safe vets those ingredients and actually tests products (in some cases), so you know that a cleaning, beauty or household product that features the Made Safe label is, indeed. How does it all work? I got the inside scoop from Amy herself.


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  • Ronnie

    Very excited about Made Safe and all the possibilities for diving deep into what’s in our products. Bravo to Amy and team…and thanks, Rachel, for highlighting such an important issue. Let’s hope more companies take notice and begin to clean up their act. Our healthy bodies thank you both!

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