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Trader Joe’s Sustainable Skincare Anti-Aging Night Hydration Routine

Oh, aging. I’m 52 and, for a while there, it was like my skin was perpetually in Palm Springs — dry and desiccated no matter what I put on it. But I recently developed a quick-and-easy, Trader Joe’s sustainable skincare, anti-aging night hydration routine that really does work wonders — and together, these three products cost less than $25!


Full disclosure: My family has been shopping at the original TJs in West Los Angeles for my entire life and I raised my kids on their products. But over the last decade, the brand has switched to a lot of single-use and/or difficult-to-recycle plastic packaging. At this point, I shop mostly at Sprouts or Whole Foods — or a farmer’s market, if I’m lucky — and just hit TJs for staples. 


Some of these staples are sustainable skincare items which are, thankfully, primarily packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. Because TJs phases products in and out regularly, I stock up on the ones that I like to the point that my husband is beginning to worry that I’m becoming a hoarder. Like five or six jars under the sink. I’m legitimately panicked about discontinuation — they’ve made that much of a difference. 

So here’s the routine, all three easy steps of it.


After cleansing, I smooth the Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum over my face and neck, and around my eyes. This product is totally non-irritating, scores a low “2” on the EWG Skin Deep list, and includes sodium hyaluronate, aka hyaluronic acid. That’s is a humectant, which means it sucks up moisture and conveys it to your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a hero ingredient in many products found at department store beauty sections or Sephora — all of which cost a lot more than $8.99. Trader Joe’s sustainable skincare version is also primarily packaged in perpetually recyclable glass.


I follow with the Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, which contains squalane derived from plants — not sharks — that locks moisture into the skin. I use this product over my entire face and neck, including my eyes — given how much hydration all of it requires these days, at this point using a separate eye cream seems superfluous. Oh, and don’t forget to massage the excess into your hands and forearms! (It’s also great for a sunburn.)

This product ranks a low “2” on EWG’s list, contains no red flag ingredients, and also retails for $8.99. Like hyaluronic acid, squalene is a hero ingredient seen in many other more expensive beauty products. This moisturizer is packaged in highly recyclable polypropylene plastic (#5) — which is okay, but I’d love to see them transition to a post-consumer recycled version.


There is seriously nothing better than Trader Joe’s Organic Argan Oil. I’ve tried many different, much more costly oils, and this one delivers time and again — plus at $6.99, it costs less than a latte in many places. Scoring a near-best “1” on Skin Deep, this oil is certified organic, sustainably produced in Morocco, and primarily packaged in amber-tinted glass, which better protects the product from light exposure. 

I first learned about argan oil from eco beauty visionary Josie Maran, who build an empire around it. Trader Joe’s sustainable skincare argan oil is super lightweight and sinks immediately into the skin — including around my eyes — and, when layered over the other two products, creates a barrier that allows them to truly do their best work on my skin while I sleep. (This technique is also know as “slugging,” which I wrote about here.)


I also use TJs organic argan oil to take off my makeup at night: I rub it into my skin and around my eyes, then rinse off with warm water before using a gentle sudsing cleanser. And I use argan oil on my face and neck and around my eyes as the first step in my morning routine, before sunscreen — it helps makeup go on smoother, too. Is there nothing argan oil can’t do?

That’s it — and it’s the best $24.97 I’ve ever spent. What’s your favorite skincare score? Tell me about it in comments, below!

This post is not sponsored, nor did I receive free products from Trader Joe’s.


  • Allie

    Just started this regiment this week and love it! Thank you for the post. Do you have any recommendations for a facial sunscreen?

    • Rachel Sarnoff

      Thanks so much for reading, Allie! I’m glad to know it’s working for you, too! YES there are a lot of recommendations for sunscreens that I’ve liked over the years on Mommy Greenest – but the one commonality is that they are all ZINC and/or TITANIUM DIOXIDE based. There is often a confusing amount of text on those labels, but an easy cheatsheet is to look at “active ingredients” and if there is anything other than zinc and/or titanium dioxide listed, the sunscreen is probably not great for you (or the ocean). Lmk what you find!

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