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Take @PalmOilProject’s Palm Oil Challenge!

Do you know where palm oil lives in your house? Pretty much everywhere. I had no idea about the impact of palm oil until I discovered the Say No To Palm Oil campaign, which opened my eyes to the environmental impact of this resource. According to the campaign, rainforest the size of 300 football fields are cleared for palm oil production every hour. Yes, really.

That’s because palm oil is used in nearly half of household products sold today. I found it in my soap, crackers, bars, spreads–even my USDA Certified Organic margarine. (Note to self: Just because something is organic doesn’t always mean it’s sustainable.)

The palm oil industry is associated with serious problems of deforestation and the abuse of animals and indigenous people, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia where 85% of global production takes place. What can you do? I just signed up for the Palm Oil Challenge, which starts on the first of the month and encourages us to reduce our palm oil consumption.

Join me? Here’s the link to sign up for the Palm Oil Challenge!

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