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Target Projects $1 Billion in #MadetoMatter Sales, Takes on @WholeFoods

I used to spend a lot of time at Target. Especially when you’ve got little kids crawling all over you, the option of snapping them into a shopping cart and trolling the air conditioned aisles for laundry detergent and a kick-ass bikini is especially tempting. Since I shifted to more sustainable shopping habits, my visits to the big red dot have been few and far between, but I like what I’m discovering about the Made to Matter program.Where previous organic offerings have been scattered throughout the store, this group of 31 brands are showcased collectively, making it easier for natural-minded shoppers like me to find them. Though Made to Matter’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t run very deep–brands aren’t required to be certified organic, for example–there are some great ones in the mix, like Ben & Jerry’s, Happy Family and KIND.

Participating brands are required to “foster unique collaborative partnerships, develop exclusive innovations and be committed to social responsibility,” but there’s not a lot of clarification of what those terms actually mean at Target. You still need to know your brands and read your labels to make sure these products are in keeping with your vision of sustainability.

Regardless of how that vision plays out, Target is banking on the success of Made to Matter. The program launched in 2014 and is expected to bring in $1 billion–yes, you read that right–in sales this year. Are you listening, Whole Foods and Costco?

Here’s one brand I discovered through the program: FreshPet, which makes fresh food for–you guessed it–pets, and practices full supply chain transparency. Especially given how close we came to losing Foxy earlier this year–and because of the fact that she’s sitting on my lap as I type this–I thought I would share their pets-at-work video. How cute is that?


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