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Style Spring Fling: Flowered Dresses

woman in flowered dress against white background

Oh flowered dresses, you’re all I want to wear right now. Tomboys, you can keep your shorts and tank tops. What I’m craving is a long, diaphanous, flowered dress printed with tiny little sprigs of spring goodness. I saw Jessica Alba wearing one recently, and last fall’s spring runway stunners are just beginning to hit shelves. The flowered dress is this season’s staple!

In my closet I have several versions of flowered dresses, including a floor-length wisp of chiffon that I inherited from my husband’s grandmother Bebe, a woman of excellent taste well into her 90s. I rock that with some 21st century heels and it’s garden-party ready.

I also have a sweet little recycled DVF knock-off rainbow-patterned floral dress that I scored recently at my favorite thrift store. A little more demure, but it definitely says spring!

But there’s something about this lovely and affordable Yacun floral maxi in red or yellow—fair trade made from organic cotton, natch—that I’m kind of in love with. How about you?

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