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Solar Powers 4.6 Million Homes in Six Months

It’s about time we had good news, right? A new report from GTM Research and SEIA, the solar industry trade association, shows that solar power is set to smash more records this year.

It’s in line with Obama’s clean power plan, and with Clinton’s vow to push solar even further, if elected. According to the report, solar powered 4.6 million homes in the first half of 2015–that’s more than 20 gigawatts of power. But wait until you hear what they’ve got in store for the rest of the year.

“The second half of the year should be significantly larger than the first in terms of new deployments,” the report said. “We anticipate a bevy of utility-scale project completions, combined with a continued ramp in the residential market and a commercial solar resurgence in select states to bolster installations through the rest of the year.”

Now when can I get those panels on the SIDE of my house, so I don’t have to cut down my shade tree. Hm…?

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