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Should NPR Radio Be Frack Free?

I keep hearing pro-fracking ads on my local NPR radio station. And although I’m all in favor of freedom of the press, the whole slimy business just makes my skin crawl. On my station, it was some sweet-voiced farmer soft-selling fracking as an answer to the recession. So when I learned that there’s a new petition taking off through Environmental Action that demands NPR radio affiliates be frack free, I signed up. Want to join me?

The petition asks that NPR radio affiliates to be frack free:

1. Stop taking money from the Natural Gas Alliance and other fossil fuel profiteers. It’s immoral, it flies in the face of the massive divestment and “carbon budget” movements and it destroys your credibility.

2. Fix your coverage: Fracking isn’t clean, fracked gas isn’t “natural” and millions of Americans are harmed every day by these extreme extraction processes and the climate chaos they create. You must report our stories, not talking points from the fracking industry.

Since most NPR radio listeners like me also support local stations financially–which means we’re supporting NPR radio as a whole, which receives more money from us than they do from industry–this request to make NPR radio frack free makes a lot of sense.

What do you think? Want to join me in signing the petition to make NPR radio frack free? Click here!

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