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#ShopDrop2016 Inspires Dish Detox

“Fashion is environmentally toxic: the textile industry is the world’s second largest water polluter, after agriculture. Is that insane?! Meanwhile, 95% of the clothes we throw into the landfill are recyclable. Do you want to do something about this? Then take the 2016 Shop Drop Challenge, started by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, the founder of and the most fashionable eco-friendly mom I know…Working as a correspondent for Access Hollywood for eight years, I was so incredibly blessed to have a wardrobe department and three amazing ladies who helped me get dressed for red carpet events and award shows.  Now that I work freelance, as a TV host, it’s up to me to dress myself and recently I found a whole new way to wardrobe – consignment stores.” Read the full story on Laura Saltman’s blog, Dish Detox.

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