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Shop Drop Challenge 2016

Mommy Greenest Shop Drop ChallengeNeed a New Year’s Resolution? Sign up for Shop Drop 2016! Take the Shop Drop Challenge and pledge not to buy any new clothes for 30 days, choosing like-new consignment, thrifted and swapped fashion instead. Shop Drop 2016 begins January 1st!

Why? To break the fast fashion cycle. The average American woman spends $60 on clothes and trashes six pounds of textile waste each month. If the 160 million women in America took our 30-day shop-and-drop pause, we could save nearly one billion pounds of landfill waste. Yes, that’s billion with a b.

Right now we have 213 people signed up, and our goal is 1,000… representing 6,000 pounds of landfill waste saved. Thanks to presenting sponsor, everyone who takes the Shop Drop Challenge is entered to win a $250 like-new consignment shopping spree and invited to our VIP party in Los Angeles. Sign up now! Help us reach our 2016 goal: 1,000 participants = 6,000 pounds landfill waste saved. Here’s how it works:

  1. Leave a comment below to sign up for this year’s Shop Drop Challenge, and enter to win the $250 shopping spree from thredUP.
  2. For extra entries, Tweet to share (we’ve got four to choose from) and like Mommy Greenest and thredUP on Facebook.
  3. I’ll email you updates as we get closer to January 1st, when the Challenge begins.
  4. For 30 days, beginning January, you’ll fulfill your end of the Challenge by not buying any new clothes or accessories—but you can thrift or swap to your heart’s content!
  5. Each Monday in January, you’ll receive an email with shareable information about how your shopping pause can positively impact the world.
  6. At the end of the month, you’ll be invited to our wrap party, location TBD!

Sound fun? Join us and sign up now!

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This post was sponsored by thredUP. Find more facts and background on Shop Drop 2016 by clicking here.


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