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Stink! Doc Tackles Toxic Chemicals

stink toxic chemicals documentaryIt’s hard to fully explain how I feel about the impact of toxic chemicals on our lives. Sometimes it seems like I start talking and all people hear is that “wa-wa” sound from the “Peanuts” cartoons, when nothing adults said actually mattered to the story. But this information matters. With one in three women and one in two men now statistically at risk for cancer, it matters. With cancer now the leading cause of children’s death by disease, it matters a lot. And when you find a story that helps people really listen to how we connect the dots between toxic chemicals and illness–that could matter most of all. This fall, the Stink! documentary gives us that story.

The movie follows Jon Whelan, a single father of two who lost his wife to cancer. After discovering a toxic chemical stink in his children’s brand-new Christmas pajamas, Jon uncovers the dirty little secret of the manufacturing industry. On an often-hilarious quest, in Stink! Jon takes his search for truth all the way to Capitol Hill.

Join me and the Stink! team by tweeting this:

Worried about hidden #toxic #chemicals? Me too! Help @StinkMovie expose the fragrance loophole: #SecretsStink

If you’d like to take it further, we’re asking people share a photo of an ingredient label that reads “fragrance” or “perfume” and tweet it to @StinkMovie with the hashtag #SecretStink. The “Stink!” social media team will amplify these tweets and pressure manufacturers to disclose toxic chemicals, rather than using the fragrance loophole to hide them.

Then make a date to see Stink! which premieres in New York this month and in Los Angeles next, with a national roll-out coming soon. I can’t wait for everyone to see it, so we can mute the “wa-wa” and let the real conversation begin.


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