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Safe Ducky Protects Kids From Toxic Products

father looking for non toxic products in baby storeEvery so often an idea comes around that’s a game-changer. I feel that way about Safe Ducky. Founded by Josh Kasteler and based in Los Angeles, the company is identifying toxic products to create a safer world for parents—one store and family at a time.

The gist is this: Many kid’s products are produced and/or tainted with toxic chemicals like lead and cadmium, which can compromise children’s health. A former chemical engineer who realized first-hand how easy it is for products—especially those made overseas—to be polluted, Josh started Safe Ducky by investing in high-tech screening technology that can detect toxic chemicals that exceed the safety standards established by the federal government.

He and his team now use that technology to screen products at stores, helping owners remove potentially toxic products from shelves and shift to safer offerings. Once that process is complete, stores become a Safe Ducky Member Store.

Parents can also work with Safe Ducky to screen for toxic products in their homes. The day before I met with Josh, he’d done a home visit where he found a child’s jacket with buttons that contained 50 times the legal limit for lead. Shocking!

I went behind the scenes with Josh at Caro Bambino in Santa Monica, where Safe Ducky screened and certified the store.

Want to get involved? Safe Ducky is helping to build a community—both online and off—that’s committed to safer, truly non-toxic children’s products.

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  • Laura

    Wow! I’m very conscious of what I buy my kids. I buy lots of Green Toys and Plan Toys. Unfortunately I can’t stop the deluge of junky toys from relatives which I know will just get worse as the kids get older. I’m able to make a lot of it disappear and my kids are little enough now to not notice, but some stuff from well meaning grandparents that visit I have no choice but to put up with. 🙁

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