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98 percent of readers trust Mommy Greenest recommendations. I'm honored!
You like me, you really like me!

The results of our 2021 survey are in — and I feel like Sally Field accepting her Academy Award. I know that most of you will get that reference as, according to the demographics, 65% of you are roughly my age. But surprisingly, 24% are younger — which means Mommy Greenest continues to reach a new generation of readers who have no idea who Sally Field is.

This longevity is a total surprise. When I started writing as Mommy Greenest, I didn’t even know what a blog was! In 2008, Facebook and Twitter comprised the social media universe — and those destinations lived on our desktop as we barely had laptops, let alone smart phones.

We are family.

But we built a community. Many of you have been with me since the beginning and, for the record, I’ve never bought a subscriber or follower. We grew up together — from partnering to parenthood — and learned how to make better choices for ourselves, our families, and the planet.

Interestingly, what was true then is still true now: 98% of Mommy Greenest readers identify as women and 78% are parents. This makes sense, because we moms are sleuths, when it comes to sustainability.

We sniff out greenwashing like a dirty diaper. 

A few things have changed. When I launched Mommy Greenest, people visited the website for content. Today, 73% of you are reading the newsletter first and then clicking to the site. 

(Wait, you’re not on the list? Click here!) 

One new development is that most of you are readers and would be interested in reading my creative fiction. Which is great news when I start recruiting beta readers for my novel — and lights a fire under my rewrite. 

Graphic that reads "98% of readers trust Mommy Greenest approved product recommendations"

But one thing remains true: 98% of readers said that they trust my product recommendations. This is a statistic that’s stayed true since we first started surveying a decade ago. 

I am so honored by your confidence in me. I promise to keep bringing you information about better choices because I truly believe that together we can build a better world. Thank you!

What’s next?

Please drop a comment below to help guide this process. Do you want to learn more about parenting brands? Beauty? Lifestyle? Fashion? What great companies have you discovered that we might share with our community? Take a minute and tell me all about it. 

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