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Polluted Water: 55% of Nation’s Streams & Rivers Unsafe

Thinking about a lakeside picnic? Do your research: According to EarthJustice, more than 55% of our nation’s lakes, streams and rivers contain polluted water that’s unsafe for swimming, drinking or fishing. Last month, President Obama finalized a Clean Water Rule to protect drinking water sources from contamination. And it can’t come soon enough.


Especially because of drilling and fracking, we’ve created a serious problem of polluted water. More than 40 years after the Clean Water Act became a law, the problem is getting worse. According to Waterkeeper, 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage is dumped into American waters every year.  A full 70% of industrial waste is dumped into usable water sources.

Does this sound right to you? Me, neither.

With backlash anticipated in Congress, Earthjustice is gathering signatures in support of a strengthened Clean Water Rule. I signed, will you?

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