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2014 Shop Drop Challenge

silhouetted illustrated woman against pink background holding a bag from which hearts are emergingEditor’s Note: Check out the 2016 Shop Drop Challenge!

There are 160 million women in the United States. We spend about $60 each month on clothes, and we dump an average of six pounds of textiles into the landfill.

If we all stop buying new clothes for one month we could save nearly one billion pounds of textile waste and $10 billion. Mind-boggling.

I’ve been thrifting and swapping pretty much exclusively for a few years now. When I tell friends that I rarely buy any new clothes, they’re impressed—but they don’t think they can do it, too.

So this year, I’m challenging my friends and followers to stop buying any new clothing or accessories for the month of January 2014. Think of it as the perfect New Year’s resolution to save money and resources: We can buy used, thrift or swap, but we’re giving up the mall. It’s called the 30-Day Shop Drop Challenge. Will you join us?

It’s the perfect New Year’s resolution to save money and resources: Thrift or swap, but give up the mall. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for the Mommy Greenest newsletter.
  2. Click the box to take the 30-Day Shop Drop Challenge.

Want to do more?

  1. Tweet your swap or thrift-store finds to me @rachellsarnoff.
  2. Post your swap or thrift-store finds on the page.
  3. Do you think this challenge will be easy or difficult for you—and why? Please share your comments below!

Update 12.18.13: Hey Shop Dropping friends! I’ve had some questions about the scope of this challenge. Remember, it’s just a shopping pause for YOU. This means if you have to buy something for someone else—your children or husband, etc—it doesn’t count! Also, since it would be totally gross to buy pre worn workout clothes, swimsuits or unmentionables, those new purchases are also exempt from the challenge. Okay? Okay!

Update 1.13.14: We just signed up our 500th Shop Drop Challenger! We’ve saved $30,000 and diverted 3,000 pounds of textile waste so far. You guys are AMAZING!!!!

And if you need even MORE incentive to get involved, follow the steps below to win one of TWO Mommy Greenest Shop Drop Tote bags, perfect for thrifting or swapping!

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