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P&G Forced to Disclose Tampon Ingredients

It only took two years–and a rally last week outside P&G’s annual shareholder meeting in Cincinnati–but Women’s Voices for the Earth finally forced the company to better disclose sanitary pad and tampon ingredients information for Tampax and Always. It was one small step for the organization’s “Detox the Box” campaign, and one giant leap for womankind. But there’s more that you can do at home!

Part of Women’s Voices’ ongoing work in the area of product ingredient disclosure–which culminated last year in SC Johnson’s decision to disclose fragrance ingredients–the ultimate goal of “Detox the Box”  is to better regulate the toxic pesticide and dioxin residues in feminine hygiene products.

And they’re not the only voice speaking up on this subject: This year, model Lauren Wasser sued Kotex after she lost her leg to toxic shock syndrome, and last year Representative Carolyn Maloney once again introduced the Robin Danielson Act, named for a woman who died of TSS. The bill would “establish a program of research regarding the risks posed by the presence of dioxin, synthetic fibers, chemical fragrances, and other components of feminine hygiene products.” Because those are all toxic chemical sanitary pad and tampon ingredients, they’re never disclosed on labels–and you’re putting them inside your body, people!

Want to do something about the problem on your own? Research sanitary pad and tampon ingredients, then vote with your dollars and boycott anything other than USDA Certified Organic disposable options. I buy Natracare, Seventh Generation or Maxim for my teenaged daughter, but personally I’m a huge fan of the menstrual cup option, especially the Diva Cup, which is a money and landfill saver, too.


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