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New Year’s Eco Resolution

mommy greenest boycott starbucks eco resolutionI made it just under a year. Eleven months and 13 days, to be exact. I thought last year’s eco resolution was rock-solid: I’d spent the year boycotting Starbucks because of the toxic chemicals they use. (Oh, and I’d also managed to extend the Shop Drop Challenge through most of the year.) And then, it happened. Just when I was almost to the finish line, I blew my eco resolution.

I made it just under a year. Eleven months and 13 days, to be exact. But just when I was at the finish line, I blew my Starbucks boycott eco resolution. After picking up a few things at the supermarket, I realized I’d been spacing out because I hadn’t had any caffeine, so I walked up to the kiosk and ordered a coffee. Because I didn’t have a travel cup, I was careful to ask the barista not to give me a sleeve or plastic lid. When I got home, my daughter saw the cup in my car and asked, “Mom, I thought you boycotted Starbucks?”


I hadn’t even realized that the kiosk was a Starbucks until I saw the familiar green logo on the cup. But after learning about their failure to cut conflict palm oil from the Starbucks supply chain (an action even McDonald’s has taken), I’m even more committed to a successful eco resolution for 2016.

Not only am I going for round two with my Starbucks boycott, I’m also going to kick off this year’s Shop Drop Challenge by pledging to buy 100% preloved fashion in 2016.

Want to join me? Click here to take the 30-day Shop Drop Challenge, and leave me a comment below to share your eco resolution for the year. Maybe I’ll add yours to my list, too.


P.S. This awesome “Keep Calm” graphic is from Keep-Calm-O-Matic. You can even get it on a t-shirt!

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