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Need A New Year’s Resolution? Shop Drop!

brunette wearing blue minidress and boots against red wallEditor’s Note 12.29.14: Did you stumble here? Check out this year’s Shop Drop Challenge!

Welcome to the 2014 Shop Drop Challenge! I am so excited to get this party started. We’re creating a community of women who have pledged to buy no new clothes or accessories in January this year. It’s the perfect resolution to save resources and money!

The average American woman spends $60 per month on clothes and dumps six pounds of textile waste into the trash. If we all got together, we could save nearly $10 billion and one billion pounds of landfill waste. Yes, that’s billion with a b.

Right now, there are nearly 400 of us committed to a shopping pause this month, representing a savings of $24,000 and 2,400 pounds of textile waste diverted from the landfill. Amazing! Will you please share this post with your friends, so we can double those numbers? Thank you!

Welcome to the 2014 Shop Drop Challenge, a community of women committed to buying no new clothes or accessories this January: Perfect New Year’s resolution! The secondary goal of the 2014 Shop Drop Challenge is to inspire our community to think beyond the mall when it comes to style, especially the consequences of fast fashion and the opportunities of thrifting and swapping.

I love this part, because I’ve been doing it pretty much exclusively for years. Yes, there are environmental benefits—but most importantly, most of the people I know who thrift and swap have been able to upgrade their closets for a fraction of what they would pay in a store.

Throughout the month, I’ll be posting pictures of my recycled fashion finds here and on our Facebook page, and I’d LOVE to see what you’re wearing, too! Add your photos and descriptions to our Facebook page, Insta them or tweet them to me @RachelLSarnoff and I’ll post ‘em for you. You can also email me at info(at) Remember to hashtag #ShopDropChallenge!

Today I’m rocking an Alice Temperley for Target knit dress ($0, swapped), J. Crew ruffled cardie ($0, swapped), vintage necklace ($0, swapped), Baca’s Workshop leather wrap cuff ($10, thrift), ancient Anthropologie boots ($75) and vintage sunglasses from ($30, online). What are you wearing?



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