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Mommy Greenest Manifesto

Warning: These facts can be scary, but please keep watching to see the easy steps you can take to make our world healthier. What do you think of my Mommy Greenest Manifesto? Leave me some comments and let’s talk!


  • Lynn Mehl

    I love the simplicity of your video as it makes the impact even greater. Chemicals are everywhere in places one least expects. I am on the inside for the last 20 yrs. of one of the most surprising of toxic industries being a florist. One that is also shuttered from regulation. In respect to your genre, I shudder when I think of all the chemical laden flowers arranged in toxic foam and sent to new mothers every day. It has taken me 10 yrs to green certify my business to the first eco florist and my mission is to spread the word and bring awareness to as many florists and flower loving consumers as possible. I think neither of us thought we would be taking these paths. :) I’ll check for you on the social sites-and wish the very best to you!

    • Rachel Sarnoff

      Thank you so much Lynn! This is something I have been meaning to write about, I am a huge supporter of organic florists and HATE the fact that foam has formaldehyde in it. Ugh!! Thanks for the reminder, and for doing what you do. I’ll try to reach out for a quote! :-)

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