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Mommy Greenest Loves: Suntribe Natural Sunscreen

We all love the idea of natural sunscreens. They aren’t made from potentially toxic chemicals and won’t harm coral reefs. But let’s be honest: Many can leave a white sheen on your skin that can feel a little…ghostly. But not my new favorite natural sunscreens from Suntribe!

Natural Sunscreen 101

For years, I’ve been talking about how to ditch chemical sunscreens. Most are made with hormone-disrupting chemicals like oxybenzone, which also damage the coral reefs that are a critical defense against global warming — an astounding 14,000 tons of sunscreen is washed off swimmers’ bodies and into the ocean each year. In fact, seven countries and regions — including Hawaii — have already banned chemical UV-filters like oxybenzone! (But that’s not the only baddie: Click here for a list of sunscreen chemicals that are on my naughty list.)

I’ve also promoted a lot natural sunscreens — check out this video from way back when on how to apply natural sunscreen under makeup! Once I discovered natural sunscreens, I never went back to chemical.

Feel the Burn

Beyond protecting my health and coral reefs, one primary reason I no longer use chemical sunscreens is they hurt. Remember what it feels like to get sunscreen in your eyes? It burns like hell, your eyes get red, and it feels like you’ll never wash it out. But here’s the thing about mineral-based natural sunscreens: You can literally rub the stuff around your eyes and it won’t sting. (In fact, you should do exactly that because that delicate skin is extremely sensitive to sun damage.) Natural sunscreens made from zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide don’t hurt you or the equally delicate ecosystems in our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Suntribe Natural Sunscreen

I just discovered Suntribe natural sunscreens and am obsessed. They are reef safe, provide certified UVA/UVB protection — their SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays — and are 100% free of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and perfumes. And they’re made with non-nano minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide — but they don’t turn your skin white. These natural sunscreens smooth in, softening and hydrating along the way. And, with ingredients like coconut oil, chamomile and cacao butter, they smell like the essence of summer.

Sunscreen Sticks for Surfers — and Kids, too!

Suntribe was founded by three surfers, who are serious about sunscreen. Remember when surfers used to slick neon-colored zinc on their faces? This crew is bringing it back with their Natural Mineral Zinc Sun Stick SPF 30 ($15). The stick comes in five colors — including brand new mint green, which I tried — and are packed in zero waste, compostable/recyclable paper. These sticks would be GREAT for kids, who can go to town with “face paint” and protect themselves from sun in the process. Fun for the young at heart, too!

That Suntribe Shimmer

For years, I’ve been applying sunscreen on my face in the morning and on my face and body when I’m in the sun. (Wish I’d started doing this when I was a teenager, instead of slathering on baby oil and lying out on the roof.) Suntribe‘s SPF 30 ($22) is lightly tinted in a neutral tone that virtually disappears when rubbed in, leaving my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. I wear it alone or under makeup and it gives me a little extra glow. Love!

Thanks to Suntribe, which sponsored this post. For more about my editorial standards, please click here.

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