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Mommy Greenest Loves: Plant-Based Skincare from Caraline

Mommy Greenest using Caraline plant-based skincare face spray

The only category of skincare for women over 50 is “anti-aging” — but what’s the alternative? In reality, the only thing that stops aging is death. So the idea of buying a product that makes you stop aging — aka “reverses” “suspends” or “prevents” aging — is a serious crock. Caraline, which sponsored this post, exists to counter that idea with incredibly nourishing plant-based skincare that celebrates the skin you’re in. Read more and score one of FIVE Caraline Skincare Daily Hydrate & Nourish Duo sets, worth $95. Update 4.2.24: The winners have been chosen but I’m happy to announce that we all scored a 50% off discount! Read more to get the code.

Kate Baer, one of my favorite poets, put it best: “How the dead must cringe at our resistance to look as if we’ve lived.” I’ve carried that quote around for years. I even wrote a novel with that theme in mind — my protagonist travels back in time and experiences her 19-year-old body with her 49-year-old mind and memories intact. What she realizes — what we all realize, sooner or later — is that aging can be freeing. Aging can be joyous. When my main character looks at her teenaged face in the mirror, she misses the wrinkles around her eyes because they’re evidence that she spent her life laughing. She misses the sunspots on her cheeks that remind her of all the times she spent in the sun with her family. There is a story written on her skin, and she mourns that she can no longer read it. 

Plant-Based Skincare with A Story

So when I discovered Caraline Skincare — founded by two women, natch — it totally resonated with me: “skincare with a story” is their tagline. The line launched last year with two absolutely gorgeous signature plant-based skincare products, packaged in glass and paper with the most minimal plastic. The ingredients are super-clean and designed to nourish the skin so that you can be your most luminous, beautiful, perfect-just-as-you-are self. 

“Caraline Skincare was founded to recognize women who have lived and laughed, and whose skin reflects the profound journey we call life.”

Yes, THIS! I am obsessed with these products. They smell and feel fantastic, and after using them for two weeks my skin is — nope, not younger, not even close — more hydrated, plump, and elastic. 

Hyaluronic Is A Hero

Critical for me is the Daily Hydration Face Mist with Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants ($47), which delivers just the right amount of moisture without any weight. In addition to everyone’s favorite, hyaluronic acid — basically a sponge for moisture — this spray is formulated with niacin amide, which supports the production of protective ceramides and fatty acids, as well as antioxidants green tea and kaduku plum extracts. Plus, plant hydrosols of rose, rose geranium (longtime MG readers know how obsessed I am with this scent), grapefruit, cucumber, and more. 

All Day Every Day

This face mist smells AMAZING and is my newest desert island product (along with sunscreen). In the morning, I spray it on after the shower, then lightly press it in before applying sunscreen and/or makeup. If you use mineral makeup, spritz after application to set it.

You can also spritz for a quick cool down during a hot flash or as an aromatherapy pick-me-up. Take the Daily Hydration Face Mist on the go and spritz all day long!

Mommy Greenest using Caraline plant-based skincare face spray on the go.

At Night, Just Add Oil

At night, I spray on the face mist, pat it in, and then follow with Daily Nourish Face Oil with Rosehip, Chia and Sea Buckthorn ($59). (If I’m using a serum, I’ll applyit after misting and before oil, which seals it in.) 

Caraline’s Daily Nourish Face Oil is formulated with rosehip seed oil to promote collagen production, chia seed oil to soften, sea buckthorn seed oil to heal, and more antioxidants. (Because you can never have too many.) Just like the Face Spray, it smells so amazing I want to wear it like perfume. It’s super hydrating and sinks right into my pores, leaving my skin super soft and hydrated. When I rinse my face in the morning, there is no residue as with face creams — and my skin still feels moisturized from applying it the night before. 

Win Plant-Based Skincare Worth $95

I love these products. Seriously. Not just saying that. Love them so much I spent some time talking with CEO Laura Coblentz — who has serious natural products cred, having lead teams at Pharmaca, Wild Oats, and more. We talked about why she co-founded Caraline, how to pronounce it — think “sweet” — and what’s next for the plant-based skincare brand. 

Want to try? Leave a comment on this Instagram post by midnight on Monday, April 1st and you’ll be entered to win one of FIVE Caraline Skincare Daily Hydrate & Nourish Duo sets, worth $95! I’ll randomly choose and announce the winner on Tuesday, April 2nd in the original Instagram post as well as on my Instagram Story, so feel free to follow me there, too. One comment, one entry. Good luck!

Update 4.2.24: The winners have been chosen but I’m happy to announce that we all scored a 50% off discount with MG50!

Thanks to Caraline Skincare, which sponsored this post. For more about my editorial standards, please click here.  


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