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metal tin with steam escaping the open lid against a black background1.2.14 Editor’s Note: After being alerted by a reader (see comments below), I was disappointed to discover that Steamcream does in fact contain parabens, which are absolutely not Mommy Greenest Approved. I apologize for not doing a more thorough job of researching this product. When I investigated further, the company told me that, “”The parabens we use are esters of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid which occur widely in the plant and animal worlds (for example, in barley, strawberries, blackcurrants, peaches, carrots). Ours has a mineral origin that is synthetically refined and does not contain any material from animal sources. We buy it in powder form and dissolve it into our formula.” When I asked them to tell me exactly which parabens they were using, they shared that they were methylparaben and propylparaben, “proven to be the safest for cosmetic use.” On the EWG Cosmetics Safety Database, methylparaben is identified as a four hazard, and propylparaben a frightening 10, the highest possible hazard for a cosmetic ingredient. Given this new information, I don’t feel comfortable picking winners for this sweepstakes. But I also want to keep the post up, so this community can see how mistakes happen to the best of us–especially when it comes to beauty product labels. I am truly sorry if I inadvertently misled any of you with this post. Please comment below with your thoughts, or email info(at)mommy if you’d like to discuss further. Here is the original post:

For years, I’ve been a steam junkie. As a teenager, I used to fill a bowl with boiling water, then throw a towel over my head to heat up my skin. Today, a hot bath does the trick—whether I’m working a skin lightening or hydrating natural beauty treatment. But I never thought that steam could be used to actually create the natural beauty products that are good for my skin. That is, until I discovered Steamcream. Wanna try? Mommy Greenest readers scored 20% off, plus a chance for freebies!

Steamcream is the perfect vegan natural beauty moisturizer for face, body and even baby. Mommy Greenest readers score a 20% discount, plus a chance to win freebies! Where most moisturizers are bound together with emulsifiers, Steamcream reduces the formula down to the essential natural ingredients—essential oils, oatmeal, orange flower water, among others—and utilizes a unique, handmade steam process to bind them. The result? A super light, incredibly hydrating, low preservative, highly biodegradable natural beauty cream that’s perfect for face, body and even baby.

Steamcream is committed to the highest sustainability practices: composting organic waste, recycling plastic and biomass burning wood. All products are certified vegan and strictly no-animal tested—Steamcream won’t buy from suppliers who test or fund tests on animals in any way. Yes, the aluminum tin is recyclable, but the patterns and colors are so cute you won’t want to!

Formulated in England and Japan, Steamcream is killing it in the U.K.—they won awards from PureBeauty and Cosmetics Executive Women since launching in 2010—and they’re now hopping across the pond to us. But Mommy Greenest readers get it first and score 20% off with “MOM20” at checkout through 1.5.14. Plus, this week you could be one of 25 WINNERS to get a 25ml travel-size Steamcream free!

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Want more info? Here’s a link to the oh-so-official Rules & Regulations. This post was sponsored by Steamcream and meets the standards I’ve established to endorse a brand as “Mommy Greenest Approved.” Click here for more about Editorial Standards.


  • Emily

    I was instantly intrigued by this product so checked out their website. It’s true, they do source “natural” ingredients, but also synthetic ones. And their natural extracts aren’t even organic. Thus I would hardly consider this product “the perfect vegan natural beauty moisturizer.” It’s super easy to make light creams and lotion bars in your own kitchen at home–and it’s way cheaper than buying pre-made, plus you can customize the essential oils. That option seems better to me. I’m sorry, Rachel and team, I usually love this blog–but I am disappointed to see Mommy Greenest promoting this product. I’ll keep reading though and hope for better options in the future (and giveaways friendly to non-Facebook users! 🙂 ). Respect–peace–and happy holidays.

    • Rachel Sarnoff

      Wow. I just did a deeper dive and you are absolutely right, Emily, there are parabens in the product. I am going to talk to the manufacturer and get to the bottom of this. If this is a greenwashed product, I’ll take it down off of Mommy Greenest. Thank you for this post. I’m truly sorry that this fell through the cracks and will do a better job of due diligence next time. 🙂 Rachel

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