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Mommy Greenest Approved: Sneakz Organic Healthy Chocolate Milkshakes

raw carrots and beets surround packaged organic healthy chocolate milk drinksOkay here’s a genius idea: Create a healthy chocolate milkshake, cram it full of organic vegetables, and package it in a way that’s lunchbox-friendly—for kids and adults. That’s the genius behind Sneakz Organic healthy chocolate milkshakes, which combine USDA Certified Organic milk, sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots into a delicious drink that delivers more fiber and less sugar than chocolate milk—as well as a full serving of veggies, plus their vitamins (from food, not fortification). How do I know this GMO- and pesticide-free shake is delicious? I personally taste-tested it, and am now giving away FOUR CASES to Mommy Greenest readers!

Sneakz Organic‘s delicious healthy chocolate milkshake delivers more fiber and less sugar than chocolate milk—as well as a full serving of veggies! I discovered the Sneakz Organic booth at Natural Products Expo West this spring. I was one floor away from lunch—which, if you’ve ever walked a trade show hall, is an eternity—and starving. Co-founder Charlie Philp treated me to a tasting session of their healthy chocolate milkshakes, which were not only delicious, they helped tide me over until I could trek to real food.

Made simply with 10 ingredients—no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, not to mention antibiotics or synthetic hormonesSneakz Organic healthy chocolate milkshakes were the brainchild of  Charlie and co-founder Allison Fowler, who whipped up the original tasty veggie juice blend. Packaged in an often-recyclable (depending on your zip code) Tetra Pak, Sneakz Organic retails for $19.99 a case at Amazon, as well as individually for $1.99 everywhere from Super Target to Sprouts. It’s perfect for lunches, snacks and on-the-go nutrition. Love!

Want to try? Sneakz Organic will send FIVE lucky readers a case of healthy chocolate shakes worth $25. Enter to win!

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  • Mary-Ellen Landry

    With all due respect; no milk whether organic, non GMO, no hormones etc. is meant for humans. Cow’s milk is for baby cows- period. The clinical evidence and extensive research is conclusive- dairy is not necessary to be healthy (50 years of massive marketing by the dairy industry is hard to change overnight) and quite the contrary; diary is harmful to our health. As a budding health coach in the field of whole food plant based nutrition- the experts have spoken. Many, many, many of them: Furhman, Popper, Campbell. Esselstyn, Hyman, Ornish, Greger, McDougall and Barnard. There are many wonderful plant-based milks out there and they are a great substitute and much better for us, the planet, and the planet’s dairy cows (that is a whole different post) They are low in sugar- another leading culprit in our health/obesity criseis today. I am a follower of your posts and a fan of your site. This one disappointed me.

    Respectfully yours,

    Mary-Ellen Landry

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