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Mommy Greenest Approved: SIRUM Life Saving Medication Reform

life saving medicationMy family insurance hops. I’m self-employed, and my husband works in film production. When he’s accrued enough hours, we qualify for union insurance; otherwise, we try to find the best value for our family of five. This means that we change insurance about every six months.

And it wreaks havoc on our medications: The last time I went to the pharmacy to fill an antibiotic prescription, the pharmacist wanted to charge me $1,200. Twelve. Hundred. Dollars. Needless to say, we went without, until we could get another prescription for meds covered by our new insurance.

But my experience is not uncommon. According to SIRUM, a new non-profit that’s working to make life saving medication affordable, every year $5 BILLION worth of medications are wasted in America, while as many as 50 MILLION of us skip filling prescriptions because of the cost. SIRUM hopes to change all that. And I’m trying to help them take their mission to Congress. It just takes a minute. Will you help me? 

SIRUM is raising awareness about life saving medications that are lost to patients who need them. Do you have a story similar to mine? You can help! SIRUM’s solution is simple: They save lives by connecting patients with the life saving medications they need.

Remember the $5 billion worth of medications that are wasted? These are unopened, unexpired medications that are regularly destroyed.

And for those 50 million Americans who can’t afford their prescribed medications, these wasted medications could be life-saving.

SIRUM created an innovative technology platform that allows health facilities, manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies to donate unused medication rather than destroying it. Because SIRUM makes donating quick, easy and free, companies can save time and money, too. It’s genius.

On March 6th SIRUM will be presenting information to the United States Congress in order to raise awareness about the millions of people who can’t afford the expensive life saving medications that they are prescribed. The goal is to demand more support for programs and policies that make medicine affordable for everyone.

Do you have a story similar to mine? You can help! Simply click through to the SIRUM website, and quickly answer the following questions:

  • Which health issues did you or your loved one have trouble treating due to the high cost of medicine?
  • How else did not being able to afford medicine affect you or your loved one? (Health, finances, employment, etc.)
  • Are there any other details you can share, such as the name of the medications, their cost, or anything else?

The deadline is February 28, 2015. Let’s work together to help improve our healthcare. Thank you!

This post was sponsored by SIRUM and meets the standards I’ve established to endorse a brand as “Mommy Greenest Approved.” Click here for more about Editorial Standards.


  • Granny

    I am 80 yrs old. I live a natural life. I have taken; the time and energy to read and educate myself on natural health. I work my own ranch, alone, and have more energy than neighrors who are 20 or 30 yrs younger. I buy only organic and non GMO. I avoid sugar, white flour and all boxed or prepared meals. I get plenty of exercise and sleep 8 hours a night. I have not had health insurance since my children went on their own 50 yrs ago. . I drink almond/coconut milk and no alcohol and lots of water.. If I go out to dinner at a friend’s home or at a restaurant, I eat what I am given and don’t make a big deal out of “my way”. I don’t catch colds or bugs going around. I take herbs and vitamins to supplement. I live on my SS and retirement savings. People tell me that it is too expensive to go natural and my reply is “I’ll be happy to compare my expenses to your lifestyle and medical bills. Some say I am lucky to have good health. My belief is “There is no good or bad luck. Everything is a result of our choices.”

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