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Mommy Greenest Approved: Quiet Home Paints

can of paint in front of fuzzy background roomFor years, my kids have been begging us to repaint their rooms. Seems that bright blue and green don’t exactly reflect their teen spirit. But I know too much about VOCs to take that task lightly.

Commonly known as VOCs, “volatile organic compounds” are toxic chemicals that release into the air over time. VOCs are found in paint, among other things; VOCs have been linked to asthma and allergies.  And even paints marketed as “low-” or “no-VOC” can still contain as much as five grams per liter of these chemicals.

But when I learned about Quiet Home Paints I started prepping the rollers. These paints are truly VOC free—they contain zero grams per liter—and totally non-toxic.

“Volatile organic compounds” are toxic chemicals that release into the air over time. Even “low-” or “no-VOC” paints can contain low levels. But not these! Quiet Home Paints also avoid toxic chemicals that aren’t classified as VOCs, such as formaldehyde, vinyl chloride, acrylic softeners and turpentine, among others, as well as nixing heavy metals like cadmium, mercury and lead—all probable autism triggers.

Here’s what’s in Quiet Home Paints: water, natural binders, pigments and mineral fillers such as limestone and clays, non-toxic thickeners such as wood cellulose, food grade white pigment, and waxes.

Founded by a mother and daughter committed to helping parents create non-toxic homes, Quiet Home Paints offers a beautiful palette of neutrals—every off-white you could want, frankly—as well as clever pops of color. You can even get a chalkboard finish, so that anything you paint, from a wall to a door, can become a surface for drawing and design.

Plus, Quiet Home Paints commits to sustainability at every possible level: Their one-gallon cans are upcycled from materials like old car tires, and fully recyclable. Cool, right? But here’s the greatest thing about Quiet Home Paints: You can paint a room and sleep in it the next day—these paints are virtually odorless!

My teenagers pored over the samples I had ordered—$8 each, with super speedy delivery—and decided on two very grown-up colors. I didn’t tell them they were from the company’s new Quiet Nursery Collection.

Ready to update your palette? Now through 11.30.13 take 20% off any Quiet Home Paints order with “MGpaints” at check out.

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