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Mommy Greenest Approved: Naturepedic

close up of baby sleepingWhere our children sleep is incredibly important. Until the age of two, babies spend more time asleep than awake—newborns can sleep as much as 18 hours each day. Unfortunately, most mattresses are made with flame retardants, linked to cancer, as well as neurological, developmental and fertility problems. Investing in flame-retardant free mattresses is the best option for reducing exposures to these toxic chemicals.

Babies spend more time asleep than awake—as much as 18 hours each day. These flame-retardant free, organic mattresses let your family sleep safer. I’ve been a fan of Naturepedic for years—they’ve been making flame-retardant free mattresses for a decade. Founded by a grandfather concerned about the vinyl, phthalates and flame retardants in most baby mattresses,  the company specializes in certified organic mattresses that nix all potentially chemical ingredients—including flame retardants.

I talk with a lot of concerned parents about flame retardants. Awareness about these toxic chemicals became big news in 2012, when The Washington Post published a multi-part investigative series that focused on the fact that they don’t actually protect us from fires. Shortly thereafter, the EPA launched an investigation into the negative health impacts of flame retardants.

It’s a good time to be an industry leader like Naturepedic, which now manufactures beautiful and safe organic mattresses, bedding and pillows for the entire family. Yes, some of their children’s products can be a little more expensive—although their adult mattresses are right in line with the cost of other luxury mattresses.

If you can’t afford to buy new right now, use one of Naturepedic’s double-layer organic cotton mattress protector pads, which can help protect your family from the flame retardants in a regular mattress.

Until flame retardants flame out, I’m thankful that Naturepedic is giving parents safer options for healthier sleep.

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