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Mommy Greenest Approved: Miessence Balancing Skin Conditioner

jar filled with brown liquid against white backgroundSpring is officially here, and with it the realization that my skin needs to come out of hibernation. It’s dry in some places, oily in others, and I seem to have acquired more wrinkles during the headlong dive into hysteria that is the holiday season. Luckily, I just discovered a miracle in the form of Miessence Balancing Skin Conditioner. Kind of a toner, sort of a serum, this lightweight gel delivers amazing hydration without any oil or cream. My face feels softer, my fine lines are smoother, and my skin just looks brighter when I’m using it. Love!

How does it work? Like all their products, the Miessence Balancing Skin Conditioner is USDA Certified Organic (as well as certified in Australia and Europe). It’s loaded with aloe vera, calendula and marshmallow, as well as extracts of chamomile and bitter orange, plus a dollop of lavender essential oil. The directions say to use it under moisturizer, but I found it just as effective on its own. (If you’ve been reading MG for a while, you know how reluctant I am to add oil!)

Honestly, because Miessence products aren’t sold in stores—but through independent sales consultants, who also coordinate delivery direct to the buyer—I hadn’t really explored the line until now. But I really like what I discovered: Founded by mother-of-three Narelle Chenery in 2003, Miessence now includes more than 100 products, from tooth care to skin, hair, body and cosmetics. All ingredients in Miessence products are certified organic, and none are heated during production—so that the ingredients retain the highest level of efficacy. Packaging is all recyclable and/or biodegradable, plus, the company offsets more carbon dioxide than they emit in supply, manufacturing, distribution and promotion–making it carbon neutral and Gold Certified by Greenbizcheck.

Miessence Balancing Skin Conditioner. Truly organic beauty, delivered to my doorstep. Love that!

This post was sponsored by Miessence representative Mary Ellen and meets the standards I’ve established to endorse a brand as “Mommy Greenest Approved.” Click here for more about Editorial Standards.

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