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Mommy Greenest is about healthier living with less judgment, because you shouldn’t have to be a scientist to make better choices. Our content delivers to:

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Good content begins with trust.

We publish posts and videos promoting brands that are Mommy Greenest Approved, clearly identified to readers and viewers as sponsored. Mommy Greenest Approved brands meet standards identified by founder Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, as detailed here.

Featured on “The Today Show” and “CNN Headline News,” as well as at SXSW Eco and Natural Products Expo West, Rachel is a journalist, speaker and consultant. Through her company, Sugar Conscious Communications, she creates and executes compelling content, social media, marketing, public relations, influencer engagement and development strategies for mission-driven brands and organizations. The former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, a leading children’s environmental health non-profit, Rachel published The Mommy Greenest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond in 2015.

Brands trust Mommy Greenest.

We’ve developed campaigns for Acure Organics, Babo Botanicals, Baby Bjorn, Barlean’s, Climate Store, Cree LED, Earth911, Earth Kiss, Eden Juices, Goddess Garden, Kura Nutrition, NRG Home Solar, thredUP, Via Nature and Weleda, to name just a few.

“We really saw the value of establishing a relationship with Mommy Greenest. We did three activations of a Mommy Greenest Approved post, video and giveaway during a six-month period, and saw record engagement—many giveaways numbered in the thousands. The voice and personal connection and trust that Rachel has with her readers is invaluable. We would definitely recommend working with Mommy Greenest!” –Weleda

“We worked with Mommy Greenest for two consecutive years and had a fantastic experience! We had over $500 in sales from readers who used the exclusive coupon code shared in one post.” –Goddess Garden

“We received 800 emails from the giveaway that we did with Mommy Greenest, and visits to the product page during the campaign went up 38%.” – Gaia Herbs

Readers trust Mommy Greenest.

Many subscribers have been with us since the site began in 2008—a record in online marketing—and we’ve never “bought” a subscriber or follower.

In a 2015 survey of more than 200 readers, 97% reported that they “trust Mommy Greenest Approved product recommendations.”

Mommy Greenest readers are 98% female, 78% between the ages of 25 and 54, 64% married or engaged, 62% parents, 70% pet-owners, 62% college graduates, and 67% earn an annual household income of more than $75,000.

From our community:

  • “We are on the same page when it comes to safe, natural products.”
  • “Mommy Greenest reviews are consistent and don’t sound like an ad.”
  • “The reviews are honest and unbiased.”
  • “Mommy Greenest is an honest and reliable resource.”
  • “Mommy Greenest Approved reviews are well-researched.”
  • “You walk the talk!”
  • “Simple and straightforward reviews.”
  • “The information is credible.”
  • “The posts are real and down-to-earth, from an honest source.”

Let’s partner!

All sponsored media is supported on social media and can include a Giveaway at no additional cost.

  • PACKAGE A: $600 TWO Posts + Top Spot Sponsored Newsletters
    • Normally, two featured posts + newsletters would cost $900, but if you book two to publish within six months you’ll save $300!
  • PACKAGE B: $450 Post + Top Spot Sponsored Newsletter
    • Top Spot is the first thing readers see when they open the newsletter, “sponsored by” your brand!
  • PACKAGE C: $425 Video on + Newsletter
    • Your video will be featured in the Mommy Greenest newsletter, but not guaranteed Top Spot.
  • PACKAGE D: $375 Post + Newsletter
    • Your post will be featured in the newsletter, but not guaranteed Top Spot.
  • PACKAGE E: $300 inclusion in Roundup Post + Newsletter
    • This package requires a minimum of two brands (each with a buy-in at $300) coordinated by one marketing contact.
    • Your post will be featured in the newsletter, but not guaranteed Top Spot.

Information and images are provided by the brand; content is produced by Mommy Greenest and submitted for editorial approval before publishing.

Want to connect?

Email with:

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  2. The date range in which you’d like it featured.
  3. The package(s) you’re interested in exploring.We’ll get back to you within five business days to let you know whether or not the product is a good fit for Mommy Greenest Approved, and what dates we have available.

Thanks, we look forward to working with you!