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Mommy Greenest Approved: LumiMist

bottle filled with water and bubbles against white backgroundI’m always up for being a guinea pig to green technology. I cleaned my carpets with alkaline water and drank hair spray to show how unnecessary toxic chemicals were in beauty products. So when LumiMist asked me to take a look at their device, which transforms ordinary tap water into a bacteria-fighting cleanser and toner, I was intrigued. Could something this simple really work?

LumiMist transforms ordinary tap water into a bacteria-fighting cleanser and toner. Could something this simple really work? Yes! And I’ve got giveaways to prove it. Before I tried it, I read up on how the product works. According to corporate information, LumiMist uses a patented, proprietary system to purify and micronize tap water. When sprayed on the skin, the water—transformed into five-micron sized tiny bubbles, about 20 microns smaller than the average pore size—penetrates the pores to kill bacteria and deliver oxygen, making it a dual-purpose cleanser and hydrator. Their studies show that a spritz of LumiMist eliminates 99.9% of bacteria on contact.

Sounds good, right? So I put LumiMist to the test. After filling the bottle with tap water, I pressed a button and watched tiny bubbles rise to the surface for about 30 seconds. Following directions, I then shook the bottle and spritzed. I felt a cooling mist and, after it dried, my skin did feel soft and hydrated.

Because I had to remove my makeup first, I didn’t use LumiMist alone as a cleanser; although it did work great as a toner. I also spritzed it over my mineral powder makeup and found that it worked great to set it. And I sprayed it on after yoga to kill any bacteria on my face—although I could also have sprayed it on my mat to zap bacteria there, too!

LumiMist doesn’t need to remain full, so this would be a great addition to a travel toiletries bag—simply fill with water after you get on the plane. And for those who are dealing with acne, I would recommend keeping it in your purse or desk to spritz throughout the day. LumiMist also recommends the device as a natural way to combat diaper rash and cradle cap, so it might be a good fit if you’re toting a diaper bag.

The battery operated, LED-powered device can be recharged in any USB portal, has a one-year warranty and will never need parts replacement. And yes, at $150 it’s a little pricey, but it’s lifespan is three to four years.

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