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Mommy Greenest Approved: LifeSource Water Filtration Systems

shower faucet with yellow water coming outWater. We drink it and cook with it; it soaks into our skin and hair in the shower or bath. But as I found out recently, studies have discovered everything from toxic chemicals to pharmaceuticals in our drinking water. After researching drinking water in my neighborhood, I found that our zip code registered high levels of potentially toxic chemicals—including chlorine dioxide, which is a commonly used drinking water disinfectant. With a simple chlorine test that I got at the hardware store, I saw firsthand how much chlorine was in our drinking water, and how much we were absorbing in the bath and shower. At that point, I was convinced: I needed a whole house filtration system. And I found it with LifeSource Water Filtration Systems—which is now giving Mommy Greenest readers the factory price on their systems, as much as $1,000 less than retail! 

LifeSource whole house water filtration systems work—from tap to shower to sprinklers. They’re giving MG readers the factory price, as much as $1,000 less than retail! According to the National Institutes of Health, the chorine dioxide that I found in my water is not considered carcinogenic—but it cites “inadequate data” as one of the reasons, while also identifying a link between chlorine to respiratory problems such as asthma. And the Environmental Protection Agency warns that young children who drink water that contains chlorine dioxide at higher than recommended levels can experience “nervous system effects.”

That made me extremely nervous.

Absorption of chlorine dioxin doesn’t stop at drinking water: Chemicals in water are absorbed through the skin in the shower or bath. So if I wanted to reduce my family’s exposure, I had to do more than just filter our drinking water—I had to filter the water in my whole house.

And that’s how I discovered LifeSource Water Filtration Systems. Ed and Rachelle Begley have one, and so does my friend Laila Ali. Using a proprietary granular activated carbon filter, these filters completely remove chlorine and chlorine dioxides from the water that flows through your whole house—from the faucet to the bathrooms—without eliminating healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. LifeSource Water Filtration Systems also prevent scale buildup from hard water—not a problem in my neighborhood, but could be in yours.

In a nutshell, LifeSource Water Filtration Systems address the whole house—from tap to shower to sprinklers—reducing potentially toxic chemical exposures wherever water is consumed or absorbed. Yes, there are other whole house water filtration systems, but LifeSource Water Filtration Systems hold the highest certification from the Water Quality Association.

And once it’s installed, there’s no maintenance: Every 14 days, the LifeSource Water Filtration System automatically fluffs the carbon bed to keep the filter active. The system will process more than two million gallons of water before it needs to be replaced—that takes 10 to 15 years.

Want to try? Call 800-334-5009 and mention “Mommy Greenest” to get the LifeSource Water Filtration Systems factory price—as much as $1,000 off retail—plus free basic installation, a $600 value!

This post was sponsored by LifeSource Water Filtration Systems and meets the standards I’ve established to endorse a brand as “Mommy Greenest Approved.” Click here for more about Editorial Standards.

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