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Mommy Greenest Approved: Earth Kiss Natural Face Masks

brunette woman in bathroom with mud natural face mask on her faceI remember the first time I had egg on my face. I was about nine, and our family friend—a gorgeous woman with ridiculously high cheekbones and poreless skin—showed me how to separate an egg, whip up the white with a fork, and apply it as a natural face mask. I idolized her, so I sat with that egg shriveling and prickling up my skin for what felt like an hour, until she remembered to tell me to wash it off. People, masks have come SUCH a long way since then. Case in point? The AMAZING new, individually packaged, 100% natural face masks from Earth Kiss. I’ve got 10 sets to give away!

PETA and Cruelty-Free certified, vegetarian Earth Kiss natural face masks are infused with rare Himalayan Shilajit, prized in Ayurvedic beauty remedies. Be one of 10 winners to try them! These six PETA and Cruelty-Free certified, vegetarian and natural face masks are infused with Himalayan Shilajit (“she-la-jeet”), a rare element harvested in the Tibetan mountains and prized in Ayurvedic beauty remedies. Shilajit is full of plant micronutrients like fulvic, a natural antioxidant, hippuric, a natural antiseptic, and salicylic, a natural anti-inflammatory.

When combined with elements like soft white Thai muds, Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains or Baobab oil from African upsidedown trees, these four masks target specific skin concerns—from skin rejuvenation and exfoliation to pore refining. There are also two biodegradable bamboo sheet natural face masks, which further serve to infuse these potent ingredients into the skin.

In a big-picture sense, individually packaged masks may not seem like the most conscious choice. But I weigh that against the many jars of expired masks that I’ve had to throw away because of contamination—especially if your fingers aren’t clean, every time you reach in for a fingerful of mask, you leave bacteria behind. I also appreciate that Earth Kiss natural face masks allow me to choose the right treatment for my temperamental skin, which seems to change from oily to dry by the hour.

Click here to buy Earth Kiss natural face masks or enter below to be one of TEN winners to score a full set of six. And get that egg off your face!

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