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Mommy Greenest Approved: Detox the House with ZerorezSoCal

brown carpet before cleaning and afterFor years, I’ve been helping people detox their homes by getting toxic chemicals out of the picture. We’ve talked about eliminating pesticides, switching over to better laundry products, taking off your shoes at the door to reduce lead, dirt and pesticides by 85% and getting toxic chemicals out of your cleaning cabinets.

As I shared earlier this month, in my hunt for truly cleaner cleaning products, I discovered ZerorezSoCal, which cleans carpets, upholstery, tile and grout using a special kind of patented water that’s high pH and so pure you can drink it. And I did, of course. 

Check out the photos above to see how this process truly transformed my 10-year-old carpet. There was no scent, the process took about 30 minutes, and the carpet dried in a few hours.

How does it work? According to ZerorezSoCal, they start with mineral-free purified water and electrolyze (is that a verb?) it to create an alkaline water that kills bateria and other nasties. Not only are you detoxing your house of dirt, if you’re still using toxic chemical cleaning products this is a great way to kiss ’em goodbye.

As a ZerorezSoCal SoCal Ambassador for the month, I snagged a special discount to SoCal readers: Clean two areas—up to 200 square feet each—for just $99. That means carpet, hardwood, tile, grout and stone. (They also clean upholstery, but it’s not part of this offer.)  Want to try? Just call 866-937-6739 to set up an appointment with a tech.

This post was sponsored by Zerorez SoCal and meets the standards I’ve established to endorse a brand as “Mommy Greenest Approved.” Click here for more about Editorial Standards.


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