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Mommy Greenest Approved: daysy Fertility Monitoring System

mommy greenest hormone free birth control system daysyFull disclosure: I got pregnant with my second child using a fertility monitoring system as my method of birth control. So I was a little suspicious of daysy, a new fertility monitoring system that allows women to plan or prevent pregnancy by tracking their own fertility cycles. But then I did a little research, and quickly realized what a great method daysy could be for women like me, who hate using hormones for contraception. By analyzing your basal body temperature against data from millions of cycles, daysy takes the guesswork out of fertility management—leaving you with a hormone free birth control system that’s more effective than the Pill. Really.

When used for birth control, Daysy’s hormone free fertility monitoring system can be more effective than the Pill. Really. This is a moot point for me, because my husband had a vasectomy after my third child was born. But I wish the daysy all natural fertility monitoring system had been available before! Like many women, I always hated taking the Pill—it made me gain about 10 pounds within the first month and left me with serious mood swings.

Daysy eliminates all that. It’s super simple: First thing in the morning, take your temperature using the daysy. Using your temperature and daysy‘s proven algorithm, the system displays your fertility status within 30 seconds: red (fertile), green (not fertile) or yellow (not enough data to make a recommendation yet).

For a more in-depth view of your ovulation cycles, the daysyView app syncs up to the device and offers extensive charting and reporting capabilities. The free app can be used to augment daysy‘s use, but can also be used as a standalone calendaring tool for women who choose to manually monitor their fertility.

Uniquely, daysy can also be used without the app, displaying your fertility status directly on the device—a convenience for women who don’t want to have to sync up their device to know their fertility status. daysy stores all the information within the device, so whether you sync to your smartphone every day or once every month, you can always access the information.

daysy’s clinical studies have shown that when used correctly, the fertility monitoring system is 99.3% effective at preventing pregnancy. Statistically, this makes it more effective at preventing pregnancy than the Pill (up to 97%), the Patch (up to 92%) and the hormone-free IUD (99.2%)—which was the method I was using when we conceived our last baby. TMI? Well, we’re friends, now!

Is daysy for you? Click here for more information and if you decide to try it, use “MOMMYGREEN” at check out for 10% off!

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