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Mommy Greenest Approved: Baby Bjorn Bouncer

baby bjorn bouncer with baby in it, showing three positions against a white wallWhen I had my first child in 1999, I didn’t know about toxic flame retardants and their links to health problems like autism, developmental problems—even cancer. I just knew that the Baby Bjorn products that we depended on were lifesavers. From about two weeks postpartum, the carrier allowed me to power walk my way back into shape, and the bouncer was a sure-fire way to put my son to sleep. But as it turns out, I didn’t need to worry about my Baby Bjorns and toxic chemicals like flame retardants, because the company has never used them in their products and never will. The newly redesigned Baby Bjorn bouncer is case-in-point, and I’ve got one to give away!

Certified to be free of toxic chemicals like flame retardants, Baby Bjorn’s new bouncer is a lifesaver. I’ve got an organic cotton version to give away! With its characteristic adjustable safety harness and fabric, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer was a godsend for parents from the very first moment it hit the market in 1961. Today, the updated Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft is just as ergonomic, with a padded safety harness and firm fabric structure that properly supports a baby’s neck and back (the company collaborated with pediatricians, midwives and child psychologists on design updates).

In one of three positions—from upright to reclined—babies can naturally make the structure bounce for entertainment or to soothe them to sleep. The Baby Bjorn bouncer is designed for newborns to two-year-olds; after that it can be turned into a rocking children’s chair that’s perfect for a playroom. And it folds flat for storage or transport, the importance of which will only be clear to you if you’ve tried to shove a week’s worth of baby products into the trunk of an already-stuffed car for a “vacation.”

Available in certified organic cotton, all fabrics used to create the bouncer are certified to be free of allergens and health hazards by Oeko-Tex, which also certifies that all Baby Bjorn fabrics are free of toxic flame retardant chemicals.

See what I mean? Lifesavers.

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