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Lice Treatment Called Carcinogenic by @WHO

Last week, the World Health Organization classified the insecticide lindane as carcinogenic to humans, linked to testicular and liver cancers, among others. According to studies, exposure to lindane can increase the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 60%. Why is this important? Lindane is in something that if you’re a parent, you might just have in your cupboard.

 According to a story in TIME, Lindane is found in lice shampoo. I checked the FDA website, and found that lindane still retains the same FDA approval it received more than 60 years ago, although it does advise caution.
I shared my lice battles a few years ago, and let me tell you–especially now that kids have cell phones and take selfies with their heads together all day long, nothing’s changed. But instead of using pesticides, I’ve enlisted nit-picking experts–yes, this is now a job–to make sure every last bug is killed. By hand. Naturally. Apparently, the bugs are so resistant to RID and other over the counter products that nothing else works.
But the main thing is prevention. Especially if you have kids in school, use a natural lice deterring spray daily. I like this one from Babo Botanicals, which I also spray in when combing out wet hair. It really works!

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