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Legos Pledges $150 m. to Green Building

Want to promote green building? Soon, you could start with your Legos. The company just announced they’ll sink $150 million into sustainable initiatives over the next 15 years. But are the iconic toys recyclable?

My family–especially my husband, son and youngest daughter–have been obsessed with Legos for years. In fact, my kids played with my husband’s old Legos, which live in a giant toolbox in my daughter’s room.

So I was encouraged when Lego partnered with World Wildlife Fund and broke up with Shell Oil.

Unfortunately, Legos still aren’t recyclable–although through BrickRecycler you can donate them for other kids to use.

According to CNNMoney, the investment will go a long way towards more sustainable manufacturing and packaging.

Compostable Legos? Sounds good to me!

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