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KraftFoods Nixes Food Dyes in Mac ‘n Cheese

Great news! Kraft just announced they would cut out food dyes in their beloved mac ‘n cheese. This means American kids can get their cheesy noodles without artificial food dyes that have been linked to hyperactivity in children. They can eat cheesy noodles just like children in Europe, where mandatory food dye front-of-pack labeling forced manufacturers to phase out artificial food dyes years ago. Now, Kraft mac will be made with colors derived from natural sources like paprika and turmeric, rather than food dyes like Yellow 5 and 6. Who made it happen? Lots of groups put pressure on Kraft, but none did it more effectively than the Food Babe, who logged more than 270,000 signatures on a petition to get crap out of mac ‘n cheese. Go team!

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