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.@JasonMraz Asks: Could Soil Regeneration Fix #ClimateChange?

The Obama Administration’s new Clean Power Plan promises to ramp up solar and wind in an effort to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. But as musician and activist Jason Mraz asks in this video: Are they missing the point when it comes to soil regeneration?

According to the Organic Consumers Organization, the most important action we can take on climate change is embracing soil regeneration:

“Without protecting and regenerating the soil on our four billion acres of cultivated farmland, 14 billion acres of pasture and rangeland, and 10 billion acres of forest land, it will be impossible to feed the world, keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, or halt the loss of biodiversity.”

Mraz’s soil regeneration petition focuses on California (click to sign on here) which has $2 billion to spend fighting climate change. After learning more about the practice, I think soil regeneration is a great place to put it.

What do you think? Are you pro-regeneration, or do you think solar and clean power can solve this crisis? Please share in comments, below. Thanks!

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