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Is Your Toilet Paper Dirty?

Rolls of who gives a crap toilet paper in a window with a plant.

What’s in your bathroom cupboard? If you’re buying toilet paper made by Procter & Gamble, that purchase contributes to the destruction of rainforests in Canada and Indonesia — one million acres of which are razed every year to make what you’re flushing. Every day ONE MILLION TREES are cut down to make TP!

That’s because companies like P&G use virgin fiber, rather than recycled — but once these old growth forests and the indigenous communities that depend on them are gone, they’re never coming back. Luckily, consumers like us are demanding recycled, and many TP producers have made the switch: Look for brands that use “100% recycled content” for all your paper products.

Box of toilet paper on front porch

If you want to take it a step further, my favorite is Who Gives A Crap. You get it by subscription — so it shows up every few months in a giant box like this, which makes things much more affordable than what’s in store shelves.

Plus WGAC is is 100% recycled, supports water and sanitation projects, and is now made in the USA! (And no, this post is not sponsored.)

What are your favorite recycled paper TP? Please tell me about it in comments, below. Thanks!


  • Cora Patek

    I love that you found the perfect recycled toilet paper. I just hope they make a septic safe version since I live rural lol. Since you have a large platform, I would like to suggest some research into bidet toilets. If you do some research on the presence in other countries around the world you will notice we are almost last of the 1st world countries adopting this concept. It is healthier for your bum, skin and colon and if you have the dry option, uses zero toilet paper. Since the drying option is still costly, for under $100 you can add the adapter seat to your existing toilet with unheated water only and reduce the amount of toilet paper substantially. This might be TMI, but for people who struggle with hemroids, it reduces outbreaks. Anyway, I am just suggest you research and blog about it because I really think this is something you would feel strongly about just like I do.

    • Rachel Sarnoff

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Cora! I believe this toilet paper is septic safe. But yes, I agree bidet toilets are the way to go! Thanks for sharing!

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