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Is GMO Labeling Fight Over?

Despite the fact that a full 93% of Americans support GMO Labeling, it looks like a losing fight, according to a new article in The Hill. But does that mean it’s been lost?

Here are the most recent losses in the GMO labeling fight:

In November, the FDA approved genetically modified salmon.

That same month, the FDA denied a petition from the Center for Food Safety to enact mandatory GMO labeling laws.

In July, the House of Representatives passed the DARK–Deny Americans the Right to Know–Act, which prohibits states from GMO labeling; the Senate is still considering.

In March, the FDA approved a genetically modified apple that won’t brown.

Genetically modified pigs are in the works, and the USDA has proposed GMO disclosure through QR codes–available only with a smartphone and app–rather than labeling.

But GMO labeling groups aren’t giving up.

“It’s important to remember that since 1997, almost 18 years, through market campaigns we’ve been able to halt genetically engineered tomatoes and potatoes, and the commercialization of genetically engineered wheat and rice,” Andrew Kimbrell, founder and executive director of the Center for Food Safety, said in The Hill’s post.

We shouldn’t, either.

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