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Inside LOVE GOODLY Conscious Subscription Box

love goodly subscription boxDo you love the idea of a subscription box but aren’t interested in compromising your ideals? Look no further than LOVE GOODLY, a brand new subscription box service beta launching soon that curates conscious fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and partners with non-profit causes. LOVE GOODLY subscription boxes launch this summer, but click here to get on the list now because the first limited-edition subscription box is sure to sell out. I sat down with founders and fellow moms Justine Lassoff and Katie Bogue Miller recently to talk about their vision and advice for other mompreneurs…oh, and how you can win a Stella McCartney bag!

Do you love the idea of a subscription box but aren’t interested in compromising your ideals? Let LOVE GOODLY curate conscious for you & enter to win a Stella McCartney bag! How did LOVE GOODLY start?

Justine: Katie and I were founding team members of LovingEco–it was kind of like an eco version of Gilt. After LovingEco was acquired in 2012, we wanted to start a new company that promoted our passion for healthy living and conscious brands.

Katie: As moms, we both really wanted to help support a healthier planet and lifestyle.

How does LOVE GOODLY work?

Katie: We really want to make it easy to discover healthy, nontoxic brands. So we offer trial and subscription boxes, and then the brands are also available in our ecommerce Shop. Every purchase supports a cause – our initial nonprofit partners are Farm Sanctuary and Fuck Cancer.

What makes LOVE GOODLY different from other subscription box services?

Justine: We established deep ties with some amazing brands while we were doing LovingEco, and we stayed on the radar of new, truly natural companies that have developed since then.

Katie: Essentially, we’re really curators. We find the best products–from nontoxic beauty and skincare, personal care and wellness, to healthy snacks and eco style.

Justine: And we make it easy for you to sort for what matters to you with our value icons, so you can find products that are all vegan or all organic–

Katie: Or both!

Justine: [laughs] Or both. We also list all ingredients and consult with the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database to make sure all of the beauty and personal care brands that we carry are free of “red flag” ingredients like parabens and phthalates.

Kate: Nothing that we carry ever harms animals. All of our products are cruelty free and vegan.

Why start another eco ecommerce company now?

Justine: The time is now! More and more people want to learn more about a healthy lifestyle. We get excited when we see companies like TOMS, the Honest Company and others showing the success of for-profit and social good. With LOVE GOODLY we are merging fun shopping, conscious brands and giving back. You can shop and feel good!

Like that Stella McCartney bag you’re giving away?

Justine: Exactly! Just head over to LOVE GOODLY and sign up to be entered to win!

As moms, how do you maintain work/life balance at LOVE GOODLY?

Katie: It’s not easy. We understand the pressures of family life. You definitely need a supportive team around you, and our significant others help too!

Justine: It’s exciting to create a new company, but it’s also incredibly consuming. I do find it hard to set boundaries and be present for my family, especially with Internet being always on. I recommend not bringing your laptop or iPad to bed, but I am not great at upholding that rule!

Katie: The key is making a conscious effort to make it work for you and your family.

What are your best tips for mompreneurs?

Katie: Follow your passion. That way work becomes fun! And if you can, test out your ideas with your friends to conduct your own focus groups. That feedback is invaluable.

Justine: Surround yourself with people you like. It sounds simple, but it’s so important. Whether it’s vendors, advisors or employees, if you genuinely respect the people around you, building a business can become an amazing experience.

So full disclosure, gentle reader: After talking with Katie and Justine for a while, I decided to jump on board the amazing LOVE GOODLY ship. I’m now their acting Editorial Director, which you can read more about by clicking here. The only negative? I’m out of the running to win that Stella bag. More chances for you!

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