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.@IKEA Pledges $1.3 Billion To Fight #ClimateChange

In the past, I’ve shared how IKEA which strives to provide low-cost options for home decor with less toxic chemicals. But after this latest announcement, I’m a fan. 

IKEA just pledged $1.3 billion to fight global warming by investing in wind and solar energy in developing countries, which are most affected by climate change.

This comes on the heels of an announcement that the company is nearing energy independence, meaning it produces as much renewable energy as its buildings use. Since 2009, IKEA has invested $1.7 billion in wind and solar energy.

And all these efforts haven’t hurt sales: IKEA is currently 45 on Forbes world’s more valuable brands list.

Customers are assured that prices won’t go up, even as IKEA makes good on its promised investments to fight global warming.

But $1.3 billion. That’s a lot of sektion, right?

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