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I asked @KarenBassTweets to Vote No on DARK Act, Will You Take Action, Too? #StopTheDARKAct

Last week, the House Agricultural Committee passed HR 1599, the bill better known as the DARK Act, which would obliterate state GMO labeling laws, prohibit national GMO labeling, and ban any GMO crop growing limitations on municipal, state or federal levels. At some point this week–it could be today–the DARK Act is up for a vote. Want to help stop it? Me, too.

That’s why I spent two minutes this morning to contact my Representative, Karen Bass, and asking her to vote no on the DARK Act. Click here for easy steps on how you can do the same. This action could not be easier: You simply type in your zip code and auto generate an email to your Representative, asking him or her to vote no on the DARK Act.

Why is this important? Over the last two years, more than 70 GMO labeling bills were introduced in 30 states, with laws passed in Maine, Connecticut and Vermont. Overwhelmingly, Americans support mandatory GMO labeling–as many as 90%.

The DARK Act would reverse these laws in favor of “voluntary” GMO labeling. But here’s the catch: The FDA has let companies voluntarily label GMOs in food for the past 14 years, and not one company has taken them up on the offer.

Please take a minute to make your voice heard and ask your Representative to vote no on the DARK Act. Thank you!

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