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How to Wear Mineral Sunscreen Under Makeup (Video)

Do you eschew sunscreen because you’re worried about it affecting your makeup? Are you wearing chemical blockers because you’re scared you’ll turn white as a ghost? STOP! This quick video tutorial breaks it all down, and features some of my favorite mineral sunscreen brands: ThinkSport (featured in my Father’s Day Gift Guide), Babo Botanicals and Goddess Garden Organics.

What do you think? Will you try mineral sunscreens under makeup? Why or why not? Please tell me about it, in comments below. Thanks!


  • Gina

    Thanks for this! Can I please ask what mineral foundation you are using? I use Inika but I have to order it online and ship it from Australia to the USA. I want to buy locally!

    • Rachel Sarnoff

      I like Mineral Fusion, you can get it at Whole Foods–although I don’t know where it’s made. It’s just the one color that seems to really work for me! Thanks for commenting, Gina 🙂

  • Barbara DesChamps

    That’s great if you are wearing powder but I don’t wear any makeup except on and around my nose. Sunscreens are either visibly white or, like the ones you showed, shiny. Also, any oil, like the shea butter in the first example, is likely to cause me breakouts ( and I’m 67) and also migrate into my eyes, causing irritation. Without sunscreen, my skin is lovely but light. Strangers complement me on it but I have to stay out of the sun or use Neutrogena with Titanium dioxide, which is white. I tried tinting it with food coloring but then it looked like makeup and its STILL shinier than I would like.

    • Rachel Sarnoff

      Thanks Barbara! It’s actually my crappy lighting that makes it look so shiny, I’m not that shiny in real life 🙂 None of the zinc or titanium based natural sunscreens that I’ve tried have ever irritated my eyes and that was a SERIOUS problem for me in the past. None of these leave you white, but the Think sunscreen is actually lightly tinted and I LOVE it. Also re shea butter, I’ve found that toning my skin after cleansing really made a difference when it comes to clogged pores and breakouts. I cleanse and tone only at night; in the morning I just rinse with water and if I’ve exercised I tone after that. It’s really made a difference. Thanks for commenting!

  • Samantha

    How often should those be reapplied, and do you have any tips for doing that with mineral make up? I’m better at remembering to use sunscreen in the morning, but I don’t know if that lasts all day. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

    • Rachel Sarnoff

      Thanks for watching, Samantha! So when I’m wearing makeup, I usually reapply the mineral powder a few times a day. You can reapply the sunscreen and then follow with mineral powder, but sometimes it can get a little clumpy. If I’m in the sun–like going to the beach, or hiking–I usually just wear sunscreen, which I reapply every few hours. For those times, I keep a sunscreen stick handy–the kind usually made for kids, and mineral based. I hope that helps!

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