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african american father with young son on his shoulders smile in front of large house with white columnsAfter many years of informally advising friends, family and acquaintances about how to reduce toxic chemical exposures in their homes, I recently launched Home Detox with Mommy Greenest, a service business here in Los Angeles. Meeting with families one-on-one for about 90-minutes, I assess the big picture—from what’s in your fridge to what’s on your floors—and follow up with recommendations on the spot, as well as an in-depth report within the week. The service helps families eliminate household toxins and make sure their homes are the healthiest they can be. And the response has been nothing short of amazing!

If you want to assess your house or gift a friend who’s expecting, let’s talk about Home Detox with Mommy Greenest. We can change the world—one home at a time! Here’s what a recent client in San Marino, CA had to say about the Home Detox with Mommy Greenest experience, which she posted on my oh-so-official Yelp page.

Last month Rachel came to our home to find ways to keep it and us non-toxic with the little man on the way (I was eight months pregnant at the time). To be honest I was a little nervous to have her in our house. I am very conscious of the products I use, but I was worried about the consultant being judgmental or having a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude.

My fears couldn’t have been more off base. Rachel was kind, gracious, understanding and supportive. She spent over an hour with me reviewing our cleaning and personal care products. She is very knowledgeable about products and resources for finding better options.

Aww… And no, I didn’t pay her to write that!

A few days after our session she sent me a report outlining in detail the information we had discussed. I am so excited to have the references written down and the trigger words to look for when buying new products.

This client’s report was almost 20 pages long, but I broke it down so she could search things by product or ingredient, so it’s actually pretty user-friendly. Okay wait, here’s the best part:

I would 100% recommend Mommy Greenest and her services.

Five stars, whoohoo! I read that and did a happy dance in my office.

If you’re in my ‘hood and want to assess the health of your house, let’s talk about Home Detox with Mommy Greenest. You can click on the “Ask Me” button or email info(at)mommygreenest(dot)com with any questions. And if you have a friend or family member who’s expecting, I can put together a gift certificate for the experience. I might even be able to Skype the assessment, if the home isn’t in LA.

Together, we can change the world—one home at a time!

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