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Get Ugly: Easy DIY Skin Rejuvenating Facial

It’s out of control. Probably because I’m part of a demographic that will spend what seems like any amount of money to regain some semblance of our once-youthful appearances, but I am blasted daily by advertisements for creams, potions, serums, and injections that claim to be the fountain of youth. And they don’t come cheap: Many of these at home skin rejuvenating facials cost $30 a pop! I recently read about a skincare “protocol” (omg that word, even) that costs TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS a month. That’s a house payment, people! Don’t get me started on those individualized at-home facials — many made with toxic chemical ingredients — each packaged in its own little pod of totally non-recyclable plastic.

You might remember one facial that went viral when Drew Barrymore published photographs of herself with the tight and crackling skin that is the mask’s hallmark. So I did a little research, and realized that one key ingredient in her facial — among many others — is also found in the facial that I’ve been using on the regular since I was a teenager. It doesn’t come in plastic, it’s totally and completely natural, and it costs THIRTY CENTS. Yes, really. 

Want to get the scoop on my easy DIY skin rejuvenating facial? Read on!

I have always had combination skin — basically super dry around my mouth and fairly normal on my forehead and cheeks, with large, clogged pores on my nose. When I was a teenager, I learned to balance this out with regular facials. Later in life, I discovered the joys of having someone ELSE give me a facial — but the pandemic, combined with the fiscal conservatism that ensued, has brought me back to the skin rejuvenating facial that I discovered all the way back then. I call it the “ugly facial.”

Why The Ugly Facial Works

Recently, I did a little research into why my skin rejuvenating facial works so well. It contains naturally occurring peptides, which dermatologists say can brighten and tighten the skin, as well as minimize the appearance of pores. (And it doesn’t contain any red-flag, potentially toxic chemical ingredients, natch.) Did I mention it costs all of THIRTY CENTS?

That’s because my skin rejuvenating ugly facial is made from the simplest thing ever: egg white. Yes, you read that right — I’m putting egg on my face. (There has to be a joke in that somewhere.)

See how it pulls my skin so tight? That’s the mask at work, friends. And if you’ve never done a mask like this (Drew’s favorite or otherwise), it can be a little disconcerting. That’s because as it dries, it kind of shellacks your skin, making it very difficult to move your face. (I tried smiling for one of these photos and scared the dog.)

But OMG when you rinse it off — heaven! My skin feels super soft, hydrated, and clean. The pores on my nose are smaller, the wrinkles around my eyes are fainter, and the plumpness in my cheeks is back. It’s seriously incredible. Try it, really! (Unless you are allergic to eggs, in which case, please don’t — try my oatmeal mask, instead.)

How To Ugly Facial

1. Separate an egg white into a bowl, discard the yolk. (Editor’s note: Or, as Jen suggested in a comment, save it to cook with! Which led me to wonder, what can you do with one egg yolk?!? If you have a suggestion, please share it below!)

2. Use a fork or whisk to fluff it up (don’t stress this, it doesn’t have to be super fluffy — it just makes it easier to apply).

3. Take a clean makeup brush, dip it in the egg white, and smooth it over your skin — make sure to cover your eyelids, brows, and under eye areas, as well as around your mouth, BUT avoid getting the egg in your eyes (it stings) or mouth (because salmonella, god forbid).  

4. Keep layering on the egg white until you’ve used most of it — you can also let one layer dry and then add another on top of it.

5. Wait until the mask is totally dry — about 10 minutes — and then rinse off, pat dry, and moisturize as usual. (I like a high quality, organic facial oil like this one.)


You can add all kinds of things to your egg white skin rejuvenating facial — I’ve seen people use everything from honey to grated carrot — but I like to keep it simple.

Let me know what you think either in comments here or by tagging your ugly facial photo with @rachellincolnsarnoff on social media so I can see it.

Let’s make this go viral and save everyone else that $29.70 they’ve been dumping down the drain each month! 


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