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Eco Fashion Innovator Closes the Loop on Down

Down is getting more responsible. Last year, eco fashion innovator Nau joined forces with The North Face and Textile Exchange to support the Responsible Down Standard, which helped businesses using down move away from birds that were live-plucked and/or force-fed. Awful, right? But now Nau’s taking things a step further by using 100% recycled down. Since I’m all about recycled eco fashion, this video just about made me cry. Plus: Slashing pillows and slo-mo feathers? What’s not to like!  


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  • Anna Herman

    I recycled some down . I washed it in the bath tub . I wanted to take a picture of the Black cat in it . she jumped out I had feathers all over the house. I have used it in my eco pillows . I also use carded wool . wool works good for bedding since bed bugs won’t live in it. . In Montana they shearing don’t sell for the cost of hiring the sheep shearer. I am always trying to reduce toxins in our homes and clothes. They put a lot of chemicals on furniture. Fire retardant and Formaldehyde are a couple that are harmful. so when you use the naturals unless they are sprayed with something it does help.

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