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#Detox #Fashion @Greenpeace Report: @Gap Loses

I seriously love Greenpeace’s “Detox Catwalk” fashion campaign. The online platform ranks companies on supply chain transparency and eliminating hazardous chemicals from products. This year’s report just dropped, and the takeaway is a doozy. 

Because they didn’t sign up to be assessed, Hermes, the LMVH Group (Louis Vuitton and Dior, natch), Versace and Dolce & Gabbana are among the 11 fashion “losers” tapped by Greenpeace. Gap and Diesel also fall into the category because of hazardous chemicals.

Luxury brand Burberry was a surprising fashion “leader” because of its work with Greenpeace as well as the Chinese Institute for Environmental Affairs, and Adidas moved out of the fashion “greenwasher” category because of its commitment to move away from poly- and perfluorinated chemicals by 2017. Disappointingly, Nike is still stuck greenwashing because of its refusal to embrace transparency in its supply chain, according to Greenpeace.

But on the whole, it’s scary just how big this fashion problem has gotten. That’s why we have to start a fashion revolution, people! Try a 30-day fashion detox and swap, thrift and trade your clothes and accessories.

Have you moved away from fast fashion? Are you part of the fashion revolution? Tell me about it, in comments below!

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