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Could @EPA’s #SaferChoice Mean Dangerous Fragrance?

Talk about controversy. When the EPA’s new Design for Environment launched the “Safer Choice” certification program, it looked promising. But it seems to have inspired no end of headaches.

The first would be from fragrance, to which 11% of us are allergic. (Hence the headache. get it?) The EPA has promised to evaluate carcinogens and reproductive toxicants so that products can qualify for a “Fragrance-Free” label.

But both the American Chemistry Council and the American Cleaning Institute have come out swinging on the grounds that the label will be “confusing” to consumers.

Meanwhile, while environmental organizations like Women’s Voices for the Earth call for products with fragrance to be disqualified as a “Safer Choice” altogether.

With SC Johnson’s latest move towards fragrance disclosure, best practices are definitely being evaluated.

With fragrance allergies on the rise, I’d just like to feel confident that if a label reads “unscented,” it doesn’t just mean undetectable fragrances masking the scent of chemicals. Right?

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