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.@CleanAirMoms Demand Clean Air from #Senate

In May, the EPA closed loopholes at oil refineries which allowed Clean Air Act exemptions during start up, shut down or malfunction. Coincidentally (or not), the American Petroleum Institute recently launched a new primetime ad implying that they’re too strapped for cash to clean up pollution. But facts from the Moms Clean Air Force, which just launched a Clean Air for Kids petition, puts that in perspective: Big Oil is drowning Congress in lobbying money.

Energy companies spent $1.8 billion on lobbying between 2010 and 2014. According to MCAF, $10 million in taxpayer-funded subsidies go to fossil fuel companies every minute.

Want specifics? In Louisiana, ExxonMobil began a refinery upgrade that cost taxpayers $119 million; the project began in 2011 when the company made a $14 billion profit. In Pennsylvania, Shell received $1.6 billion in taxpayer money for a new refinery; that year, the company profited $26.8 billion.

What can you do? Join the MCAF’s petition for Senators to support the EPA’s proposed stronger smog protections and stand up to Big Oil! Click the link to sign. I did!


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