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Boycott @McDonalds #Toxic Taters

I’m so not loving McDonald’s. Haven’t loved it for a long time–it’s been at least a decade since I drove through the golden arches. But that doesn’t stop the company from trying to sell McDonald’s toxic potatoes to my kids–after pledging to reduce pesticide use.

That’s right: In 2009, McDonald’s vowed to reduce pesticides used by their potato suppliers. This represents a huge potential impact, as McDonald’s is the biggest buyer of potatoes in the United States.

Residents of communities in Minnesota regularly experience pesticide drift from the farms where those potatoes are sourced. And they’re pissed.

Last year, the No More Toxic Taters campaign delivered 20,000 signatures to McDonald’s, asking them to make good on their commitment to reduce pesticide use. This year, they’re going for 20,000 more. (Want to join them? Click the link to sign.)

Meanwhile, Bettina Siegel (@TheLunchTray) and Leah Segedie (@Bookieboo) joined forces with other food activists to create the #MomsNotLovinIt campaign, to pressure McDonald’s to stop marketing items like their McDonald’s toxic taters to kids.

McDonald’s income dropped 15% in 2014, while fast food upstart Chipotle recently made headlines by going GMO-free. Could this be the year Mickey D’s makes a change for good?

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